Your indifference is a nightmare, why won’t you just care, all I need to breathe is passion, I need it more than air, show me that you like me, let me know that you are there, have my back and I’ll give you the world, doesn’t that sound […]



I don’t want to be a celebrity, famous for my split personalities, unable to enjoy peace and tranquility, of knowing I have my own beliefs, I like thinking I have privacy, please don’t mess with my ability, to say with ease, that you and I are different beasts, […]

Intro Poem

Another revolution, The grinding gears keep moving, What I see is true and, I know the time.   Like a complicated watch, A perfect design, A tick-tock rhythm so fine, Counts out the progress. What’s next down the line. Circulating cogs spinning, Centripetal movement, underneath the cover, Every […]

My Secret

I’ve got a secret, can you keep it? Don’t wanna make me turn around and leave it. and it feels good, baby be it, my heart is pounding and you’re the reason. make my head spin, you’re my beat set, I want more than you’ll ever know please […]


Our relationship exists Like a curled up fist A flick of the wrist And a fight begins You hold a grudge Against me cuz I care and try to nudge You out of the mud Please know You’re shallow Reap what you sow This is the end. Go […]

Carnivorous Carnival

You eat what you kill, you kill what you can There is no rhythm to it You are just a man But when the jungle drum starts playing, and when the hips start swaying, the prey hunts the lion, there is no point delaying, the inevitable, it’s nature […]

Philly Meets World.

Pop-punk is a genre that is often dismissed for its earnestness and commercial possibilities.  The poppier the punk the more creatively diluted the finished product is perceived to be by its “fans”.  Philadelphia’s The Wonder Years are a pioneering pop-punk band that has successfully moved from selling out […]

Mystery of the game.

The mystery of the game: The mystery of the game, I like to play, Is that it’s all in the name, Cognizant machine, A play on the brain, It’s not complicated, Like a block chain, I often explain, My theory on everything, What it all means, I use […]

Country’s finest hour

2018 is officially off to the races, and already Cognizant Machine is drowning in good new music.  Drowning might not be the best description for it, as the quality of these recent offerings has been at the same time a breath of fresh air, and yet, deciding what […]