Mystery of the game.

The mystery of the game: The mystery of the game, I like to play, Is that it’s all in the name, Cognizant machine, A play on the brain, It’s not complicated, Like a block chain, I often explain, My theory on everything, What it all means, I use […]


Country’s finest hour

2018 is officially off to the races, and already Cognizant Machine is drowning in good new music.  Drowning might not be the best description for it, as the quality of these recent offerings has been at the same time a breath of fresh air, and yet, deciding what […]

The Future is Now

Welcome to the brand new domain for all eager ears and hungry hearts.  For those that followed me before, you’ll notice I am no longer a free user.  Yes, I have upgraded this blog, and I plan on updating it more frequently with new professional themes […]

Praise Be.

First a disclaimer, #projectjax is still in development.  I have been sitting on a host of music I am ready to review but I am waiting for the right time to release that particular thought project.  Now on to another album review. 2018 is in full swing, and […]

Out of the darkness

So of course 2017 was a year full of club bangerz that everybody loved and praised all over the internet already, but I thought Cognizant Machine would highlight one of my top five albums of 2017 which may have slipped under your personal radar.  The band is called […]

The North remembers

Lately I have been pumping New England natives Transit on heavy rotation.  They have a charming local garage band style that has folksy charm.  By that I mean the pop rock with emo vocals band doesn’t have post folk influences but they do have a certain song structure […]

BREXIT be damned

Before I get to #projectJax and all the updates that will follow reviewing local music I have heard in and around Florida.  I want to review some good albums I listened to in 2017 that I think everyone should listen to. If anyone has been following this blog […]

A new year

Greetings, I want to apologize for not posting in such a long time, I have been dealing with a major case of writers block and even though I have a back log of music I have reviewed and want to post, I have become discouraged from updating this […]

Navigating the Machine.

I was complimented on my writing tonight, it felt good.  I thought as a treat, I would re-post the first two blog entries I ever wrote.   copied from an old Blog. So, I like to type sometimes. Most times about nothing… and I thought of this name […]