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So you are probably reading this thing and wondering where is the music… well I want to talk to you about Washington D.C’s own Ted Leo and the Pharmacists.  one of the greatest revelations of the early 2000s this pop rock band is an amazing story of warm and fuzzy Americana, To clarify while all of their music is good this entry will highlight their early 2001 album “Tyranny of Distance” a tragically over looked but amazing example of what a quality hit record should sound like… everything from the masterful song-crafting to the composition of the guitar work and clean vocal laid out on track after track of this masterpieces simply excels.  Early track “Parallel or together” builds and builds to an amazing story confusing together a narrative so sonic-ally poignant its a wonder the song ever let’s go of the listeners attention just to introduce a new piece of music into its wondrous mix of hyper kinetic energy.  Later on stand out single “Timorous me” rocks out a clean bluesy riff that melodically plays out wonderfully over an up beat tale of old times and good clean fun.  Ted Leo is an amazing lyricist but his vocal is also impressive as his singular voice commands words and points out language so fiercely the amazing guitar work compliments a great voice that understands music crisply and completely.


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