At the Drive-in.

I think the best news to come out of last week is that the band At The Drive-in is reuniting for a tour in 2016.  If you have never heard of them… At the drive-in is a progressive post hardcore emo band that made some rad noise.  Formed in the early nineties the rock super group mastered the art of making sounds with their instruments and their mouths by pairing together perfect offerings of words and harmonies.  By this I mean they could put words together that sounded poetic while completely not meaning anything, just sounding musical.  On top of having amazingly produced albums they prided themselves on having an epic live stage presence and they even went so far as to record one of their best selling albums live.

I want to start writing about a little known ep by them called “Vaya”.  In it, the band starts off the record straight with an interesting little jam rock melody called “Rascuache”, Spanish for dirty homeless man.  The unparalleled look at how they combine silence with a sound and ebb and flow back into a sing song vocal to a pronounced scream is almost hypnotic.  “Pacemaker pace yourself” singer Cedric Bixler sings and he finds an audience as he looks for a response while he pumps out great music to call to attention.  The drumming is pronounced and amazing on all of “Vaya”, this is clearly evident on “Heliotrope”a great track that really encapsulated the At the Drive-in sound.  It starts out fast and really pumps up the energy when the lyrics kick in as the group swells into a break down and asks “increase the dosage, count back from ten” like an anesthesiologist the band hypnotizes the body into falling into an easy rhythm and their screams jar you awake but keep your body level swaying to the full and warm beat.  During the final breakdown the drums kick while the band gets ready for a final swing and the screams grind into gear.  “Count back from ten”.



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