Chicken soup for the indie pop loving soul

Hey all.  It has been a while but today I want to write about a recent favorite.  The band is called the Front Bottoms and the album is their third a self titled release from 2011.  This album does everything right… it sparkles with keys and trumpets at opportune moments to truly touch upon the soul of the music and even at its most somber almost melancholy moments still manages to keep up a tempo that could strike up a dance or a beat that will melt even the stingiest of hearts.  For instance the first track “Flashlight”  kicks things off to a rollicking start and does exactly what makes the band so great, Bryan Sella’s untouched vocal echoes The Mountain Goats or any of pop punks best vocalists with its whiny un-autotuned greatness, and the lyrics spell out a sad song but the instrumentation catches the listeners ears and brings the track a realness that rounds out the song and brings severity to the story of hopelessness all the while underscoring hope and positivity.

The whole album brushes greatness and stays cohesively strong throughout, another particular favorite “Bathtub” plays around and plugs away at the ear worm mentality the whole album really nails, the hook “I am washing my hair with soap” really sticks and for whatever reason demands attention come back and revisit the song over and over again it satisfies every time.  I really cannot say enough good things about this debut album, if you can purchase a copy I thoroughly recommend it.  The way I see it The Front Bottoms currently stand as the best thing to ever  come out of New Jersey.

I think if any one song on the album deserves your attention it would be “The Beers”, the song is the definition of fun.  The piano, the drums and guitars all kick and slide and the song really fits.  This is the perfect prescription for a cold, like warm chicken soup, the song sweats out the toxins that one’s body might pick up from listening to modern radio.  The vocal is strained and while Bryan Sella isn’t a classically trained vocalist or anything but the intent counts and the whole thing just warms the bones and satisfies.  This band rocks.


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