My favorite 2015 album

So I am sure I have already apologized for having a sweet tooth.  I like sugary pop and anything with a sweet innocent sensibility usually stands a better chance of grabbing my attention vs some of the darker more metallic sounds I also enjoy.

So  my turn around surprise favorite new album of 2015 was Carly Rae Jepsen’s Emotion album.  I loved everything about it.  It is so sweet and pure it is almost divine in its implementation.  From the first track on the album  “Run Away With me” listen for a earnest plea from one of pops cutest young hipster to get lost in her own voice and drown out the night with a sweet sax/synth line combo.  It is great.  The first single to come out of the album “I really like you” is also great.  The hook is so innocent it is a wonder to believe Carly has ever been in a real relationship yet the song is so careful and modest I wonder if she doesn’t know exactly what shes saying and so is modulating her expectations maturely and precisely.  reportedly twenty songs cut from two hundred written Carly has a song writing credit on every song on the album, and even though there is a smorgasbord of pop  music talent behind the album Carly’s unique voice and ethos remains present throughout the length of this delight.


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