Love Ire and Song

Frank Turner is Peter Pan.  He is the boy who never grew up, and he is amazing.  Possibly the first Millennial to write and capture the spirit of stay young forever before Ke$ha made it shameful.  Probably everyone has felt at one point or another, that being young forever and fighting back against the river of time deserves to be praised and celebrated.  However in 2008 Frank Turner released “Love, Ire, and Song” the only three things that a human being needs in order to be fulfilled or so he furiously contends over the length of this masterpiece.  Love is a beautiful thing, and infinitely precious, every love song written on this glorious album is a monument to its wonderful power.  Ire, cockney for righteous anger, is also present as he passionately sings to the top of his lungs that he will not “sit down, and shut up” seriously not figuratively on stand out track “Photosynthesis”.  Finally song, the third part of his recipe for a life worth living  well just listen to “Substitute” for an example of just what he thinks.  According to him music is the ultimate form of expression.  He sings “music is my substitute for love”the whole album treads the line of borderline impressive as Frank bleeds out his words like a dying man saying his last rites.  The single thought drives home this album, Frank writes every love story into a passionate exchange of beautiful moments.  His clever word play and gift for composition thrill and delight over the length of this entire record.  He would go on to  break into the mainstream with later attempts but he nailed home his credo and argument for longevity and fame with this uplifting production of soul affirming reassuring tribute to the power of Love.


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