Nostalgia for a time before Nostalgia existed

In 2008, then up and coming band, The Gaslight Anthem shut themselves in a garage and listened to music from 1959 in order to produce a sound that is unmistakably American.  “The 59 sound”, tells a classic tale of long lost romances, classic cars, white t shirts and blue jeans and captures a zeitgeist that came and went and now lives on only in the movies.  Listening to tracks like “Old White Lincoln” you get the feeling that maybe Brian Fallon, lead singer of the band, is a reincarnated Bruce Springsteen as he captures that high and lonesome sound and rocks out a chorus that will no doubt carve its way behind your ear canal and be stuck in your head for days.  The whole album is intimately listenable but another stand out track to listen to is “Miles Davis and the Cool” an amazing song that transports you back to 1959 and the time of James Deen and classic rock stars, this album is an old soul, but you don’t have to know very much about the eponymous year in order to enjoy it.  Fallon kisses and croons through his love songs like a master teaching an apprentice his intimate passion for the subject matter is reflected in the detail behind the albums pacing.  He sings “Don’t wait to long to come home” and it sounds like exactly that, like an older man coming back to a simpler time when rock music was maybe a bit more innocent but also at the same time more serious too.


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