My Favorite weapon

Pretty much everyone my age has an opinion on what album is the best by pop punk indie favorite Brand New.  I maintain that their seminal original release “Your Favorite Weapon” impresses the most.  This band upon their first release shows so much promise and demonstrates such grown up song writing it is a wonder that they have never seemed to grasp full mainstream acceptance.  The band is popular, but just popular enough that many seem to always be discovering them for the first time.  True to form many people will find a later album by this band and fall in love, and with good reason.  However, “Your Favorite Weapon” opens strongly and by the time the second song “Jude Law and the semester abroad” begins playing the album reaches ear worm status.  “Jude” is an emo masterpiece, as the lyrics detail the stunning heartbreak one can only feel in the throws of young love.  The intricate rhythms and harmonies evoke a sense of passion while the lyrics pronounce the heart break and reveal a sing along characteristic that I find to be quite rare.  From the opening few guitar riffs to the gravely voiced duet where lead vocalist Jesse Lacey overpowers the harmony.

another stand out track to listen to would be seventy times seven, which details a falling out between friends Lacey and Taking Back Sundays John Nolan.  In the song which Nolan sampled for a song on his also great album “Tell all your friends”, Jesse says “Is that what you call tact, your as subtle as a brick in the small of my back, so lets end this call and end this conversation.” this epic put down is just the beginning as he goes on to wish his former friend farewell by saying “have another drink and drive yourself home, i hope their is ice out on all the roads, and you can think of me when you forget your seatbelt and again when your head goes through the windshield.”  Epic.

To close out the album after catchy pop songs back to back the band slows things down with an ode to being single in the subversively simple but eminently prominent “socco amaretto lime”.  The song gathers the gusto that I wrote Frank Turner has when they sing they want to stay seventeen forever and drink and love and write songs forever.  It is a great song and this is a great album.  Note: if you find this catchy pop punk masterpiece good make sure you check out their later contributions to music, as the band ages nicely.  Their songwriting craft is as strong as ever, I only choose to highlight this early effort because it impresses me so much.  Ok coming up next I’ll try and review some more current albums.




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