A shot of punk

So the following is a recent discovery and that is something I will try and pump out more of.  Pop punk band Osker gets punk music down right.  The general frustration found in punk music is present and accounted for here in “Idle Will Kill”.  I love that title, Idle, or standing by doing nothing, will kill, as in doing nothing will get you nowhere.  So much is said in those three little words and that general theme seems to be that other people drain away energy and living alone is the only way to attain true peace.  The general punkness of the songs is there.  The crappy recording quality, the unautotuned vocal, the lackadaisical, general, give up nothing attitude.  The album gallops along nicely from song to song never missing a beat and keeping up a nice pace.  From the opener “Patience” it is clear this band is special.  The rock and roll quality is there, with a kick butt bass line and take no prisoners but leave no man left behind mentality.  I highly recommend everyone stop what they are doing and bathe in the punk.  Sure afterwards you won’t smell any prettier, but you might feel a little better.  Punk has a way of lightening up the air around you.  Discharging that frustration with society and letting loose on some killer bass line while the drum kicks hard and the lyrics resonate with an inner bad ass.  I like pop.  but every now and again I need to hear some Punk to revitalize my soul and remind me why I am fighting the good fight.  Another choice cut from the album to take note is “disconnect, disconnect” a smart and fun song that clearly demonstrates competency.  The band takes cues from recent pop punk acts but creates a niche space where they really demonstrate something special.  Take a listen and enjoy.


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