Ten years fly by

It has officially been ten years since the indie world fell in love with music prodigy Sufjan Steven’s amazing album “Illinoise”.  Pronounced Suf-yan, this brilliant artist is more than just a talented vocalist.  The album is a bombastic and underrated slightly over wrought but all together piece of pop perfection which captures the imagination and flies away with endless possibilities posited by a characteristic swagger and complete orchestral majesty demonstrated on nearly every track.  Also linked is a NPR article that details that in conjunction with the mythic rerelease for the tenth anniversary an acoustic unfinished demo version of single “Chicago”.  The song, a stand out on a powerfully packed album, builds and builds (which is a reoccurring theme in Sufjan’s work) to a crashing crescendo where Sufjan’s powerful vocal leads the listener to fall in and out of love with everything and nothing all at once, a conflicting feeling that sometimes grates but mostly and almost completely satisfies.  The acoustic demo linked in the article showcases how Sufjan is a consummate artist and his breath control and capacity really stuns.  Sufjan has continued to produce good pop through out the years, but this early work illustrates the dreamy quality that his music inspires, the yearning he croons eloquently reminds enthusiasts of the power of music and its propensity to whisk one away on an adventure.  As he repeats in “Chicago”, All things go so too does this album, so too goes everything.





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