Movie review plus music

Hi all, in 2014 I had the privileged of watching the latest from director John Carney “Begin Again”.  In an effort to shake up the blog I thought I would review how much I liked it.  The movie had everything; stirring music montages, original songs, great vocal power house performances, great acting, and the best cinematography I have seen in a long time.  The movie takes place in New York City, and stars Kiera Knightley as a heartbroken singer songwriter with a heart of gold, named Gretta.  Her beautiful indie soul fixes and breathes life back into jaded A and R man Dan, played by Mark Ruffalo .  After losing her boyfriend (Adam Levine) to sudden stardom, Gretta embarks upon creating an album with the help of her new friend and producer in the great landscape of New York using a shoe string budget and guerrilla recording tactics to attempt to capture all of NYC in song.

In the end, they decide to ditch regular publishing standards and distribute the album online.  The inherent critique of the music industry is there, and the music they make is truly inspiring, coupled with the tale of friendship and isolation, the movie touched me deeply in the feels and I recommend everyone check it out.  I know it is currently available on Showtime On Demand.  I loved the soundtrack and highly recommend that as well, as  both Adam Levine and Kiera Knightley work on some amazing tracks which really tell the story of the movie and capture the soul of the artists they portray.



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