I’ve decided on doing a big Donald Trump dump.  This is going to require some serious focus, as I want to explain just why I think this particular blowhard is worse for the United States than all the other harmless blowhards who have shook and stammered the fabric of this nation over the course of our history.  Let me get this out of the way first.  I hate politics.  I hate politicians.  Politicians defined are people in love with power who are constantly moderating their choice of words in order to maximize their perceived power.  They are almost all the same.  It is that form of speech where you speak as you realize what you are saying is being processed and modulate your tone so as to be understood most clearly and so as to guarantee some form of future complacency (usually a vote).  Some politicians are good at this (I think Barack Obama is a good politician) some are transparent and bad at this (Hilary Clinton for example), (disclaimer), she will say anything to get a positive reaction.  I find this annoying.  My problem with politicians aside, I am not an anarchist.  I do believe that we as a people need to be led, and I do believe for all of governments problems the democratic republic system of doing this is the closest we are going to get to complete a functioning society.  That saying, I think politicians are the least bad choice for leaders, democracy does work, wanting votes ensures that they will work hard at the very least a favorable public opinion of themselves, and usually they will act in the best interest of the most amount of people.

Donald Trump is not a politician.  Let me rephrase.  Donald Trump does not care if you like him, he believes whole heartedly that what he wants will come to fruition because he is a results based person.  He believes in money, and business, and he works hard to speak in generalities so as to buy time and airwaves, and support, because what he wants will happen because he is going to make it happen.

Waking up every day, and making money for yourself to live requires a positive attitude and work ethic.  It requires other things, luck, privilege, talent, other things too but I won’t enumerate.  But, spending time and energy with the mindset that results will follow and the universe will compensate you for your time and energy.  That takes something.  Some people are good at making money.  Some are good at making a lot of money.  They pay attention to people and are in tuned with how to maximize their productive energies and set the right things in place at the right time to milk the most out of everyone else.

Now Donald knows all of this well.  He has succeeded in life by building things and taking risks and netting a fortune.  His campaign knows this.  They approach every ad they put out, every public appearance, every stance, on these principals.  I would have no problem with these principals if they weren’t so scrupulous.  You see demonizing others, winning favor by a cult of personality, banking on xenophobia and ignorance (even rational ignorance), is fair.  It is just evil.  Adolf Hitler did the same thing.  He won a country by giving a scapegoat and demonizing the other people.  He presented himself as the strong man who will recapture Germany’s glory.

Donald Trump is taking a page out of Hitler’s playbook.  His campaign (Make America great again) paints a picture of a broken society with problems.  He exploits the fears of working Americans who probably watch too much television and are easily manipulated into believing the worst in people.  He is scaring people into believing that problems can be solved by a can do attitude.  He is tricking the American people into believing that simply put, he is smarter than everyone else.  He is poising himself as a problem solver, a person who fixes things.  He is creating problems (America is broken) and is fixing them (I am going to fix it).

The best example of this would be found in his stance on immigration.  He doesn’t lie.  There is a large influx of illegal Latin Americans in this country.  Some of them do commit horrible crimes.  On television, these “aliens” (a word used by one portion of the media to dehumanize them) get away with their crimes, and join gangs and ruin neighborhoods.  On television, Donald Trump promises to get rid of them.  To build a wall.  To stop them from coming in to the country.  On television people see this and they side with Trump.  He seems like the good guy solving problems.  The entertaining successful person who will recapture Germany’s glory.  It is frustrated people looking for an answer.  But that doesn’t excuse him from being a xenophobic fascist.

Donald Trump prides himself on being a Washington outsider.  He promises to get things done his way, regardless of the system of checks and balances.  He is a tyrant in disguise.  He would subvert laws and the way things are done in order to strengthen his own power.  He would attack those who oppose him and create himself a larger fortune.  He is bad, and bad for this country.


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