the DC sound

Today I want to talk about the Dismemberment Plan’s seminal 1999 album the “Emergency and I”.  A musical breakthrough, this Washington DC native band repped colors with this flagship album catapulting them into the indie hall of fame and pleasing listeners around the world.  Heavily syncopated beats matched up with an eclectic mix of post rock synth and fusion instrumentation led to some magnanimous hits.  The whole album really satisfies, however I think two stand out tracks should be sampled first.  Have a listen to “the City” for a great lesson in song crafting, every break and rest flows effortlessly from riff to riff, forming a cohesive song that will leave you grinning from ear to ear.  The second track I’d recommend listening to is “Gyroscope” a fun fast paced ode to craziness.  The whirlwind energy of the song captures the free spirit energy of the band and definitely warrants a deep listen.  The songwriting can seem a little disjointed or fragmented at first but the cooing and purring of the music is intentional, it matches well with Travis Morrison’s smart lyrics.


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