Local spotlight

So Cognizant Machine had the privilege of attending an amazing concert in the woods down in Bonfire land Melvin County, Virginia.  There, during a three day outdoors event that included a spring snow fall, hula hoop girls, and the biggest bonfire I have ever attended, one act stood out in particular.  Fairfax, Virginia native “The Voyage” a jazz rock fusion band.  Like a true jazz rock band, they replace lyrics and vocals with that sweet sax.  This handsome foursome met together at George Mason University (my Alma Mater) and they are all music students trying to make it big together while supporting one another and crafting their sound.  Besides the truly highlight Stevie Wonder cover of “isn’t she lovely” the band plays an eclectic mix of original and thoughtfully composed jazz rock.  The drums feel very inclusive to the package, each individual instrument syncs well with the rest of the music.  The guitar packed thunder, and the sax melted wax.

I wasn’t afraid to  ask about songwriting credits, but the band denied having a standout leader or head songwriter of the pack.  According to them each of them bring something a little different to the mix.  They couldn’t nail down their biggest influences save for some classic jazz and academic friendly prodigies.  This humble and modest band have a unique sound that will serve them well in the Northern Virginia Music scene.  While they will continue to gig as often as possible they are currently buckling down for final exams in school, but they are not leaving their passion project behind.  I asked them what was coming down the pipeline and they responded that one of them had a recital coming up which the band was getting ready for.  Aside from last minute gigs and regular practice “The Voyage” hopes to record soon and I couldn’t be more excited for a new record.  Best of luck to them in the future and Cognizant machine will stay abreast of where “the Voyage” travels from here.



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