So today I thought I’d write about OZMA’s breakthrough album “Rock and Roll Part three” once written about as the best Weezer album of 2001.  OZMA suprisingly has no direct connection to Weezer the more famous popular geek rock act who has puttered out a heavy string of hit albums but to the critical dismay of most critics never quite captured the magic of their early first two albums.  “Rock and Roll part three” has an amazing swell present in most of the songs that captures an emotive nostalgic lust that only someone well versed in rejection can really write home about.  For an example of what I am describing check out the song “shooting stars”.  The song builds early on and opens up into a beautiful alt rock jam that will reside comfortably between your ear and brain.  The guitars and the high pitched vocal really resemble Weezer’s Rivers Cuomo, but the similarities aren’t necessarily the only enjoyable part of this amazing album.  The song writing in general is terrific, at points operatic and fun.  The band spells out their name metaphorically in each track, and they hammer home a reason to continue listening with each new hook.

For another good example of this check out “Natalie Portman” in which the reverb and distortion simmer while the vocal coos and purrs quietly, the song is a lovely ode to the beauty of famous Hollywood actress Natalie Portman, and the hopelessness present in the lyric can transfer from listener to listener, as anyone who has had a crush before can relate to the pain and overall frustration with being unable to connect with someone so far away.

Finally I want to write about my favorite song on this amazing album, “baseball”.  The tale of lost loves who once bonded over the national American pastime is saccharine and sweet.  The longing and loss is just so ever present throughout the whole track that by the time Ryan Slegr belts out that he is driving up I5 to let her know he is still in love the song lands an emotional gut punch and knocks the ball out of the park for a grand slam.  The chorus, “can you still remember, April to November” perfectly sums up the length and passion behind the lost relationship and I don’t know about you but I can really relate to the haunting beauty of the one that got away.  This album is highly recommended.  check it out.



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