Retro Rock – a series part three

So coming up next on my “The band” wave I’ll be reviewing The Kooks.  A funny thing about the Kooks is that unlike some other bands on this list, they are actually British, the other bands during this post punk revival would probably all wish to claim to be British considering their influences, but none of them could say they had an actual birthright in the United Kingdom quite like The Kooks.  The Kooks were a trendy dance pop band that got caught up in the zeitgeist for a brief second then slipped back into low-fi obscurity.  The similarities to previously featured artist The Strokes are easy to find.  The vocal is messy and somewhat filtered and the guitars are fast and risky in some places.  The Kooks make whimsical music and their charming wit is present throughout the whole length of early 2005 album “Inside in/Inside out”.

The catchiness behind each progressive song on this album is probably due to the fact that they are at their heart a dance band.  The drums are fast and consistent and in single “ohh la” they belt out a reason to be taken seriously.  Seriously, the way the croon of the vocal is matched with the seemingly acoustic guitar is effortless and impressive.  The chorus is an ear worm and sexy as hell.

For another gem listen to “she moves in her own way”a song sung so effortlessly that it tells the story of a man in love with a woman and the way she moves, the sing song lyric is pleasant and the rhyme scheme really resembles the swaying of the dance.

Another great song is “naive” a song that made it over to the States and gathered some strong buzz for the band.  The guitar is intimately familiar with the verse and the chorus and the sing song nature of the vocal is very powerful and musical.  The song sounds so earnest and sincere that the lyrics grab hold of the listener and warrant immediate attention.


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