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I want to begin this update by thanking my friend Scott for updating last with a guest post on The Avalanches.  I liked it so much I had trouble figuring out how to top it.  It was so professional and (I think) well written.  Ultimately I thought I’d go back to my original blue print and just write about music that has shaped me into who I am.  I will be highlighting albums and bands that I think deserve a shout out for being awesome and opening up a universe of creativity and entertainment.

I can’t think of a more fitting subject for a new update than Paul Westerberg’s seminal band “The Replacements”.  The album we are going to be dissecting is 1985’s “Tim” and this band has that proto-plastic way of making pop rock sound timeless and classic all at once.  The music is very gutterral, there is grunting and lots of good guitar (Thank you Alex Chilton), the rifts groove and seamlessly play one after another and listening to them feels just right.  Like the third pot of porridge in Goldilox’s story book burglery, “The Replacements” is just right.  For a good example of a no nonsense bubble gum rock opus of impressive song writing I have linked  “I Can’t Hardly Wait” a song that was worked on over years and re-imagined over the course of their future albums, on “Tim” the words and the chords just sound the most right.  The song would later be rewritten and horns would be added replacing a key guitar riff, however the originally unreleased version that can be found on “Tim” is my favorite version of the song.  The opening rift leads way to a sing song verse chorus that will take the listener on a journey, by the time one finds oneself nearing the end, the resulting anticipation over the title of the track is almost insurmountable and one can’t help but to sing along with Mr. Westerberg “I can’t hardly wait”.  Check it out

For another great example of syncopated Americana, I suggest you listen to the track “Bastards of young” a balls to the wall anthem where the band calls to attention a theme most genres of rock often explore, eternal youth.  The song kicks butt, and the craft involved in making such crowd pleasing favorites so easy to digest catapults this band into a stratosphere with some of the greats.  I honestly think its a shame so many people have never heard of “Tim” or “The Replacements”.  I think spotlighting them on this blog is downright a good deed and I hope readers of this piece and new fans of Paul Westerberg will continue to explore his discography and share these gems of Pop rock.

Honestly the whole album is very easy listening and fun.  I can gush about the whole record but I want to finish off this update by promising more frequent future updates.  I plan on getting back behind the wheel of this blog and continuing to share music I think deserves a second listen.


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