One of the best

Today I’d like to write about one of my favorite albums of all time, by one of my favorite bands.  Third Eye Blind’s debut album, “Third Eye Blind”.  This album did chart and had a massive number of catchy singles which gathered national attention and brought fame and sold millions of copies.  I want to highlight this album anyway because one, it is really good, and two the back half of this album features some amazing examples of song writing that often get over looked due to the immense popularity of the singles.

sure one can’t help but write a couple of lines about how catchy the doo doo doo’s of “Semi charmed kind of life” can be, a whacked out crystal meth bump of a pop song that feels so clean despite being absolutely filthy.  Or how about an entire essay on the bass solo breakdown of anti suicide song “Jumper”, a song which has literally saved lives and continues to uplift and thrill millions of people around the world.

However I think I mostly want to call attention to three songs not often written about.  First off “Motorcycle drive by”, an anthem that builds slowly into a stirring call to arms that only carefully exploits repetition and song writing tricks as simple as rhyming at just the right moment, unfolding a story so delicate about a night on a motorcycle drive by that one can almost tangibly experience after the last coda of the song has played and final notes start to close.  The song is brilliant and the groove these talented musicians were on when they birthed it must have been a tremendous one because i cannot listen to this song without almost tripping over myself by how impressed I am with it’s production values.

Another great song often over looked by people is “god of wine” a touching tribute to the most romantic alcohol.  The slow soft guitar slowly pulls the listener in, while Steven Jenkins voice coos and belts out a lonely but longing chorus that will reverberate in the soul of anyone who has ever finished a bottle in good company or for anyone who hasn’t, honestly the song is universal, just really good pop song writing.

Finally “I want you” a catchy little number that can be broken down into building blocks, from a catchy syncopated drum block that gets placed under a guitar rift that just stacks on top of each other nicely, forming a tower of sensible pop music sky scraper that is sturdy and impossible to knock over.

Third Eye Blind by Third Eye Blind is one of the greatest albums of all time, I strongly recommend you check it out and purchase a copy for yourself, as far as CD’s worth owning I can’t think of a more complete experience worth listening to over and over again.


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