A New Home to Come Back to

Back in the saddle.  So I struggled with which album to review next.  It shouldn’t be so hard, all of the album’s I have so far reviewed have been favorites that have meant something personal to me.  Still since I last updated I have recieved 7 new followers to Cognizant Machine and I felt the burden of expectations, I wanted to write about an album that really influenced me and also to write something worth reading.

To be fair, I have been busy.  As I previously updated I have recently relocated to Jacksonville Florida.  Which meant uprooting all of my personal belongings, my car, my dog, and finding new work, new friends, new hang outs.  With all that said, I think the following album fullfills the necessary criteria of being both meaningful to my current status, and really a sonic treat.

As I have previously posted on Cognizant Machine, I am a great big fan of the Pop Punk genre, something about the nasally voices, the up tempo punk guitar riffs, mixed with a typically boyish fancifullness, and clean pop production.  Today I am reviewing, New Found Glory’s 2006 album “Coming Home”.  The sixth studio release, “Coming Home” was the last album NFG recorded on a major label, and while I have exhibited my tastes for Pop Punk earlier, “Coming Home” is the most mainstream album from this band.  A concept album, the tracks and lyrics are all unified by a theme of longing and finding acceptance at home, after coming back from an exhaustive tour with Green Day the guys from New Found Glory wrote a clean and polished pop record with the aide of strings, keys, and veteran producers.

Start to finish the album will give you a reason to listen, longing, the theme of the album, is present on every track, for a good example listen to “Hold your hand”, the second track on the album.  It opens up with a sunny keyboard trill that leads right into a fun and effervescent vocal, while the lyric “and you smell like how angels ought to smell” might sound familiar to fans of Frank Miller’s Sin City, noted movie enthusiasts New Found Glory have now published two albums of covers for movie soundtrack songs, the whole song is very fun, like a cheesy romantic comedy.  By the time the guitar breaks down with the clapping and the groovy drums, well, it won’t be long before you’re singing along to the infectious beat and the sing song doo doo doo’s.

Another stand out track is the fourth track “On my mind”.  I associate this particular song with a fondly remembered ex girlfriend.  The notion of a person who is always on my mind is universal, and the song’s sing song quality recalls universal recognition as even strangers to love will be able to empathize with how chewy the guitars are or how the longing in the chords remembers itself, by the time the song comes to a close, one is almost ready to press replay on the track.

Being in a new city, the title track “Coming home” popped back into my head one night and brought me to revisit the album.  The very idea of coming home, and wanting to sing about it is, well almost played out.  In the lyrics Jordan Pundik sings “I hope you feel the same”, and later “I hope things haven’t changed”.  These two concepts are central to the album.  Being washed out and tired, coming home should feel like a relief, and what they are looking for is acceptance, a feeling of belonging.  I am starting to feel at home down here.  I am starting to come home from work and really treasuring my own bed, and my neighbors.  I love this album.  I hope you enjoy it too.








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