Don’t miss this one

Today I thought I’d review Modern Baseball’s “Your Gonna miss it all” .  I have been listening to this album a lot lately and I think that is mostly based on the strength of the song writing.  Branden Lukas has a sing speak style of vocal which I find captivating.  It is a fast paced fever pitched awkward lyric that is beautiful in its delivery.  In their stand out single “Your Graduation” Lukas ramps up quickly as he punishes the first verse and drops the hook.  “You weren’t the only one who thought of us that way, I spend most nights awake wide awake” drummer Sean Huber then lay’s down an epic vocal breakdown, which leads back into the hook and a guitar breakdown.  The whole song really sticks together and pummels your brain.  I have watched the video linked below a couple hundred times, and after every play I want to listen again.  The video concept is clever and the band seems like a whole lot of fun to watch live.  I missed out on seeing them play live last year in 2016 but I am happy to say I will see them perform when they visit Jacksonville this March 2017.  On “Rock Bottom” the band performs an anthem for millennials as their youth and energy shine through the whole production.  All of the pathos and frustration found with being a twenty something is present on the track and by the time the band reaches what I like to call it’s whatever forever moment they earn their spot on your cd collection.



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