Some good tunes

So following up on my last post I thought I would post some cuts from Raine Maida’s solo album Hunter’s Lullaby.  The lead singer of Our Lady Peace made a solo record in 2007.  The standout track in this album is linked below.  Sex Love and Honey is amazing, Maida croons and sings his way over a simple acoustic beat, his natural prowess to stretch out long notes and haunt the vocal at varying tempos, is matched by a cool animated video.  The lyric and the song very much sound like Our Lady Peace stripped down, the drums are muted and not as bombastic and Raine really takes off toward the end.



The lead single from the album was Yellow Brick Road a cheeky little tune that uses spoken word verses to lead into a cool chorus that generally speaks to travelling.  The Wizard of Oz theme is a treat for me as I am a fan but this is Raine’s show and he uses the gimmick to echo a sense of nostalgia, the whole song feels like a lost loved one.  He really finds his groove and delivers a carefully crafted trip.  check it out.



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