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Good R & B is essential.  The earnest cool drips over the cheesiness of the lyrical content and reacts to a primal urge lighting passion that can, when executed correctly, set the soul on fire.  Good R & B is probably worthy of a long post detailing soul legends and motown classics but I thought I’d jump ahead to yesteryear (a few years back) to pimp out some ear worms with hooks so pleasant anyone with a pulse will be bumping to the beat.  Cognizant Machine is also using this opportunity to connect to twitter to expand the focus of this site.  Below is a Retweet of R & B maestro Trey Songz at his macho finest responding to some praise on his latest track.

edited of course

“Put my cheese and my lettuce over the beef like a taco these n*gg*s sweeter than syrup circle of squares like a waffle…” (@TreySongz) <“”>February 21, 2017

Trey Songz has swagger.  He has it so much his tweets are clever turns of phrase.  Now usually when a fatalistic light skinned black man lays it down as he so elegantly puts it, “as sweet as syrup”, it is easy to think he might be over compensating for something  or hiding some kind of secret.  However his music is not so secretly sexy for either gender, and he admits to being a freak which allows his comfort and sensual provocative nature to please the listener and consider taming a “gangsta” and generously respond to the hook.

The bachelor lifestyle of on to the next one doesn’t appeal to everyone, however Trey’s unrelenting calls for sincerity belie a bravado of a man who is searching for acceptance and comfort.  Sure, he goes through women like tissue paper once he achieves sex, but one truly gets the sense that he is looking for a deeper connection.  The complexity behind the written word is present in the vocal and his falsetto and eager pleas reveal a struggle that almost begs to be comforted.  One can’t help but feel sorry for a man so lost in the game he admits to playing.

later on Trey goes on to tweet the following

“>Internet got people trying to be something they not for strangers acceptance.  Don’t be one of those people”>Trey Songz (@TreySongz) “”>February 20, 2017<

without drawing too deep a conclusion one can take a lot from this tweet.  His commentary on popularity on the internet is controversial.  Using twitter to bemoan the internet is nothing new, however for somebody who makes a living vying for strangers acceptance his hypocrisy is almost jarring.  Maybe the player isn’t just good at the game, he is unaware it exists.

The system, the game, the machine, all metaphors for a series of factors impossible to quantify.  Trey Songz is a cog in the machine, he is almost a victim of the very games he plays on women, and he is a product of all the hardships and contradictions that made him who he is.  His records are fire but he is a slave to the machine that churns out his hits, he is an R & B machine, a device of entertainment that is designed to exploit and we are all witnesses.  He will earn lettuce, and cheese, but he will never be truly satisfied.

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