A way with words

New York natives MisterWives are relatively new.  They debuted a surprise hit ep called Reflections that won over a lot of fans and introduced the world to Mandy Lee’s amazing voice.  The band is comprised of incredible pop rock musicians that understand their instruments completely.  In their debut album “Our Own House”,  MisterWives makes a statement, with each song they separate themselves from the rest of the pop rock pack while displaying competent engaging rhythms and powerful moving drums and ofcourse the sick saxophone. the careful mix makes is belied by compelling song writing and every new song they write has the MisterWives touch.  Mandy Lee has a powerful voice but her inflection on certain words seems to be the real draw.  In their songs she tends to makes simple use of rhyming structures choosing words that sound a like but stressing the syllables differently making them sound more musical.  Her unique way with words has to be listened too to be appreciated.  Mandy apparently had some operatic training before joining the rest of the band, but its not that she is an opera singer, it is just that her powerful instrument stretches out notes and finds big moments in every song.  She has amazing breadth control for example in the lead single Our Own House, the whole band vibes together but its Mandy’s use of quick breaths and quiet moments to accentuate the breakdowns that really bring the house down.  In the song reflections Mandy sings in a high register but her annunciation is always crystal clear, her words and rhymes pour out of her vocal chords like a hot shower at the end of a long day.  They cleanse the soul and flow seamlessly all over the music.


MisterWives is a blast to listen too and they have been pushing out new music steadily for the past few years including a steady stream of covers.  MisterWives and Mandy’s way with words have put her take on everything from the Weeknd, Vance Joy,  Michael Jackson, and they even covered Hall and Oates “Out of touch”.  The cover, linked below is fun and once again Mandy knocks the vocal out of the park.




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