Describing a dream in music

Recently Virginia Beach’s Turnover has been making my life better.  With a fresh sound and some engaging lyrics, Turnover has opened up the world of Run for cover records and introduced me to some of the best new pop punk/alternative rock in recent years.  With easy going ear worms and melt your heart hooks, Check out “most of the time” for an example of brilliantly executed post pop music that echoes back to the early 2000s pop punk.  Everything is done right from the soul pleasing guitar break down to the earnest grab you by the shoe laces verse chorus that will tempt you to dance along to the moving rhythms and sweet and penchant tunes.  Austin Getz has a haunting in your face built for rock and roll voices and his pleas for attention will draw you in and spit you out changed for the better.   Peripheral visions their debut album has some strong work throughout a couple of tracks to look out for include “Humming”, the track moves along at a brisk pace and keeps up a gentle take me their vibe.  The guitar is a melodic and atmospheric and on the sliding scale of indie music this jam would qualify under Dream pop.  “New Scream”  is another ear worm, the song reminds me of other pop alternative mainstays like Dredg and could easily be heard on the radio, I highly recommend you listen to New Scream on a long drive with the window’s down.  I think the vulnerability of the lyric and the overall strength of the moving vocal will strike a chord with any listener as the track has a universal accessibility that must be experienced to believe.  Listen to Turnover.



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