“Cigarette” a poem

Another break and everything feels like it is slipping away… What do I grasp when there is nothing to hold on too, because nothing gold can stay?

I know it’s a lot to ask for, but couldn’t we just leave it all at “Hey”.  Holding on for dear life, has me spinning round all day.

“Cigarette” you don’t judge me, just juice my emotions all at once.  and, I feel it coming like a hurricane, words with meaning… cheap guidance.

Creativity by the carton, by the packet, by the stick.  Sacrificing mortality all for the sake of that one simple kick.

A little not a lot, I survive the fire as it burns, and while I know it will get me later just that feeling makes me turn,
into a member of an elite class of adventurers all of us who yearns, for the days when things were easier, no paycheck to struggle for, nothing to earn.

Does it come out sounding forced?  Justification for a habit,
or do the consonance of these words, cleanse the teeth, the tongue, the palate.

Words come easily after every drag I take, and yet I wonder what I look like,
Do I resemble someone fake?, A poser?  A plebeian? A burn out?  What for heaven’s sake? I feel it all rushing out from me, with every exhale that I make.

Don’t leave me fluttering in the wind without your say.
Tonight I write for you,  I smoke for you, for feedback I will pray.
Any sign I am not alone. I’m on my way,
maybe just a heads up would be nice,
a simple wave would be OK


A coda:
A cigarette is loyal but illegal, banned in some form or another in all fifty states,
a well lit stab against immortality it’s no wonder why they hate,
the users feel guilty for using and even those who do not, think it is a mistake.
No big answer on the horizon, nothing important at any rate.
Just a stigma that can’t be shaken or moved for heavens sake.
It’s easier not to think about it, finish the food at hand, what’s on the plate.


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  1. Evokes memories of smoking as a young writer, especially Sobranies, colorful and strong. Now I rely on strong coffee for the kick, and merely drive past tobacco growing in the sandy North Carolina soil.

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