Dragon Slayer

For the past year the United States has been terrorized by a figurative dragon.  The commander in chief has become a monster that has pillaged the country side burning down enemies in twitter fire and hording over his power in the base of his mountain of real estate and golf properties.  During the election I wrote about how Donald Trump used pages from Hitler’s playbook to consolidate power, his platform, “Make America Great Again” echoed the third reich’s populist call to return Germany to prominence and his division on ethnocentric lines and anti-immigrant rhetoric shored up a base that shared more than a passing resemblance to the Nazi’s of yesterday’s past.

During the election his opponent Hillary Clinton, tried to make a point that all women should vote with their conscious and elect their female President regardless of party lines, many dismissed this argument as borderline sexist, and touted the two as gender neutral equals in the eyes of the public.  Yet some of Hillary’s fans ran with the binary paintbrush and pushed for #girlpower.  It came to a point where many celebrities especially the female ones were asked if they supported the girlpower movement and many submissive female republicans had to object.  Still there was one supposed feminist icon who dominated her rise to super stardom championing her strength as a female who remained silent on this issue.  Whether or not she was edging her support for the GOP front runner or not, Taylor Swift, the highest paid female celebrity on the planet, tacitly played into the conservative worldview by not endorsing a candidate in the election.  She may have disagreed with Hillary Clinton (who could blame her) but by rejecting the idea that females should vote for her out of gender loyalty, she suggested that voting for Donald *grab them by the pu**y Trump was more than just ok.

The role of the celebrity is complicated when it comes to politics.  Ultimately a celebrity is only as powerful as their fans allow them to be.  The celebrity doesn’t choose their fans, but they do form a narrative that influences how their fans react and think.  Donald Trump understands this because he is a celebrity before he is a politician.  He nurtures his base, and his base nurtures him, ultimately they form a symbiotic relationship of ugliness and moral repugnancy that is quite telling of the silent majority of the American thinkspace.

Earlier today at the Hip Hop Awards, Eminem, AKA Marshal Mathers, a white celebrity, who owes his success to black culture, but nonetheless has millions of predominantly white fans, stood up against Donald Trump in a icy cypher that made his position on the President crystal clear.  He figuratively slayed the dragon and did so in a way that necessitates a response.

I wrote this earlier about the event:
Hip hop as an art form can be interpreted just like all other forms of expression, it can be obscene, it can be sexist, it can be so many things… but as a form of communication it demonstrates a raw quality to impact the listener. The
very nature of the line, the denomination of the rhyme, like a fine wine, can impair judgement, open up new sensory information, and inebriate even the most sober minded individual.

Eminem is a rapper, he is a celebrity, he is a folk hero, tonight at the hip hop awards he unleashed a category five hurricane of resentment that has yet to make landfall on the States. Sure some people have seen it, but most people are still just scrolling through their timelines oblivious to what is coming. I tell you this, the storm is coming.




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