The North remembers

Lately I have been pumping New England natives Transit on heavy rotation.  They have a charming local garage band style that has folksy charm.  By that I mean the pop rock with emo vocals band doesn’t have post folk influences but they do have a certain song structure that has shades of Irish drinking songs mixed with memorable post grundge hooks and melodies.  If the videos and stories I have heard are true, one other positive thing about the band is that they are an absolute blast to hang out with.  Clean cut from the cold north, Transit uses hyper kinetic guitar rifts mixed in with engaging and easy to follow drums and present a fun and dynamic sound that transcends the usual emo/pop punk dressings and could easily rest in comfortable mainstream acceptance.  Cognizant Machine exists to encourage recognition from bands that have a solid output and a story to tell.

One of their most catchy singles, Young New England, is actually a ballad that perfectly captures the beauty of Boston and represents in song all of the rich history present and alive in the hearts of its notoriously loyal and liberal young population.  Young New England could be sung at any pub in Boston but its more pleasant sounding and less aggressive than say the Dropkick Murphy’s or some other Boston Punk bands. Listen to the song with a beer in your hand and after multiple listens and try and imagine New England.  The lyrics paint a decidedly pretty picture.

Another song to check out “Nothing Lasts Forever”  is a more classic emo pop rock song.  If has familiar and relatable high pitched emo vocals which take prominence  a few times throughout some world building music, peaking and cracking with emotion at various engaging tempos.  The hooks are well built and the repetition isn’t stale because the song changes flows so quickly and so often.  I feel like the down home basement party style they employ in their song making is really fun to listen too.



The guys from Transit are definitely in touch with their sensitive side, on the song linked above “skipping stone” the band probably touches into emo influences of their contemporaries the most and shows off harmonies and guitar breakdown’s that might remind someone who has never heard of them to say “taking back sunday” or some of the other emo rock giants but mostly in terms of the way they emote about life and love’s relationship struggles.  This song definitely inclines me to list them as a cog in the machine, turning and functioning, a intricate piece of design that is well oiled and maintained for peak performance.  Enjoy listening to Transit.


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