Mystery of the game.

The mystery of the game:

The mystery of the game,

I like to play,

Is that it’s all in the name,

Cognizant machine,

A play on the brain,

It’s not complicated,

Like a block chain,

I often explain,

My theory on everything,

What it all means,

I use my web page,

to try and attain,

Create and contain,

Original content,

I write and explain,

All day every day,

What only I can say,

I remain awake,

For eternity,

Grinding away,

Dismissing the hate,

Always Operating,

Telling cyberspace,

The role that I play,

In the mystery of the game.

Challengers state,

That I’m cheating and scheming,

Tripping and dreaming,

Never believing,

I mean what I say when,

I’m here to break even,

Shatter some ceilings,

Shake off some demons,

Channel the feeling,

Shout and scream and,

Get someone to hear me,

Listen to reason,

I know what I’m saying,

I know what you’re hearing,

But I’m good even seeing,

What’s underneath and,

Below the surface,

The layers of earth,

The mantle, the core,

They tell me the score,

Of the game.

The mystery of the game.


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