Our relationship exists
Like a curled up fist
A flick of the wrist
And a fight begins

You hold a grudge
Against me cuz
I care and try to nudge
You out of the mud

Please know
You’re shallow
Reap what you sow
This is the end. Go

Get away from me
Your toxicity
Cuts only skin deep
You steal nutrients like a weed

From my giving heart tree
All I did was bleed
Bent at the knee
Scream for attention atrocity

But this is goodbye
You know I won’t cry
To see your behind
Walk away out my life

And more and more I’ll say
You are just playing games
Never going all the way
But still straight lying to my face

I’m letting you leave
With your dignity intact
Inciting drama it’s a fact
That you are as shallow as a rat


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