Intro Poem


Another revolution,
The grinding gears keep moving,
What I see is true and,
I know the time.  

Like a complicated watch,
A perfect design,
A tick-tock rhythm so fine,
Counts out the progress.
What’s next down the line.

Circulating cogs spinning,
Centripetal movement,
underneath the cover,
Every piece in focus and open,
The size is unimportant.

Who am I, another cog in the machine?

Cognizant and clean,

Aware of all that is unseen,

Only visible in dreams,
I can explain everything,

So.  What are the answers that you seek?

Come to me for a peek,

Behind the curtain lies a meek,

Old charlatan wizard who speaks,

He lies through his teeth

He’s got the munchkins fooled,
Into letting him rule,

Covering all their eyes with wool,

Smoke and mirrors are his tools,

Yet the grinding gears keep moving,
Soon there will be another revolution,

Soon it will be time to move and,

All will finally be right.



I have been self-publishing a lot of old poems recently.  I am going to read some of them out loud at an Open Mic Poetry Wednesday night, and I thought before I did I would post some of them online.

I really appreciate all the feedback I have received so far on my poetry and on my blog.  I am still working on making it more readable/smoothing out some of the kinks.


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