I don’t want to be a celebrity,

famous for my split personalities,

unable to enjoy peace and tranquility,

of knowing I have my own beliefs,

I like thinking I have privacy,

please don’t mess with my ability,

to say with ease,

that you and I are different beasts,

I don’t crave nobility, royalty, or even cheese,

All the trappings of regal reality,

The castles, and assholes kissing feet,

Paparazzi constantly following me.

Everyone Always asking me to drop a beat,

Spit a signature verse that will thrill the sheep,

Autograph my raps so eloquently,

Give away all my kinetic energy,

Lay down foes, kill my enemies,

Constantly plugging away tremendously,

My name, my site, my very identity,

The building blocks or the way I see

The world, you know what I mean.

The one person I care or claim to be,

Emcee CM, Or Cognizant Machine,

If your nasty,

Ill try and Keep it clean,

A play on words, is what it really means,

Fully aware designed technology,

The gear in a watch that knows the time really,

I know enough to rhyme till your dizzy,

Get you worked up in a tizzy,

Quite alright, I see that your busy,

Let me know what you think?


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