original song

Come on. The Opportunity.

Another Opportunity, another chance to kill the beat,

the past is over the future is yet to be written,
My scars have faded they are now hidden,
I’m poised to strike but my muscles are still timid,

only time will tell if the story will play out the same,
nobody knows if the devil will win out, again have his way,
The Angel on my shoulder won’t save me until I am older,
but the moment feels ripe, this is the spot, the timing seems right and the piano is hot,

the could be, we will see, but for now its just another opportunity,
please don’t flee, run away from me, give me a chance to finally slay this beast,
this is it, Here I go, Here goes nothing, just let it flow…

come on… just sing…

you know the words and what to say,
but all that follows is a blank space, and then my voice fades away,

There are spiders living in my brain,
they spin intricate webs that cause me pain,
trapping my thoughts to my disdain,
like vampires they suck blood and drain away,
my voice is trapped inside my head,

the timing just isn’t right,
the perfect song isn’t ready,
maybe I’ll just close my eyes,
they do feel kind of heavy,

maybe next time the words will come,
maybe next time I’ll do more than hum,
maybe next time I’ll hold steady,

For now I am gonna chicken out,
say I am sorry and take a bow,
until the next opportunity

To maybe sing like a canary


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