For Posterity


I am going to be making some updates in the coming few days to Cognizant Machine.

Cognizant Machine has changed shape and form slowly but surely over the past few years, entries have come and gone, and the original shape and direction of the content when it was first uploaded has changed as the blog has found its footing.

The winds of change are starting to come back around and while this place has been a fun creative endeavor that has big picture Format looked like an amateur music blog. I want it to be an even larger part of my life/outlet for me to scream into the internet. I plan on changing the Cognizant Machine into a personality blog. It will reflect every aspect of my identity and self narrative, and I hope this update to the form and structure will encourage me to check in more often and update more frequently… more new content…I promise… of course all this may sound familiar to longtime readers. I have on more than one occasion roadmapped and planned to update more frequently and failed to live up to great expectations. But this time it is different. This time. I am going to be writing for me. No longer worrying about the shape and relevance of my content. I will be updating more frequently. This new featured content will be faster and looser, I will review more things, and put myself even more out there than before. I will still self publish some original writings. I will still do the occasional album/music review. But I will also be uploading playlists I make, music videos I stumble on and view on repeat, general musings on politics, and history lessons on the depths of my individual geekiness.

I personally invite you to get to know me, Cognizant Machine will be me. I will connect to you through a broadband spectrum on a broad range of subjects and introduce you to who I am and what I am about. Come see about me.


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