Nostalgia and looking forward

I told you I would be updating more frequently. Another fresh new post. First some fairly recent content I feel like self publishing.


Memory is like a wave, a twenty foot swell that rises up,
and crashes all over me, submerging me underwater,
Where I relive all of the emotions I have survived,
And am triggered by a deep yearning to go back.
The origin of this mini tsunami actually comes from the gravity of the moon,
as the Earth spins madly on, it tauntingly dances around the world.
It Reminds me that even the largest ocean is privy to the whims of the heavens,
and once in a while, sometimes on a deep and blue occasion,
I’ll swim out to sea on a freshly waxed board and attempt to surf Nostalgia
ride my thoughts when I am bored and wax poetic for a thrilling few seconds on the nature of nature,
But the deeper I go into the ocean of life the fewer waves there are,
Nostalgia is also a beach. It’s endless rhythmic ebb and flow, both push and pull,
depositing the sand and eroding the conditions of land figuratively making the beach.
The under current rip tide below the surface of the waters are dangerous,
memories are the past and time only moves forward.
Reliving the past can be fun, but wading in the waters of the yesterday carries risks and man eating Sharks could eat you alive if you stay too long or aren’t careful.


Now you get two posts in one as I’ll add and write you through Nostalgia the playlist.

song number one is by the band The Early November whom I saw and met live a lifetime ago back in college while I worked for the program board at George Mason University. The song is “In Currents”, which very much inspired the writing of this poem. I had heard the song years ago but Spotify recently introduced me to this acoustic version off a later anniversary album “Fifteen Years” the hook and whole song center around an ocean metaphor like my poem. The melody is beautiful and the lyrics are clever and witty and steeped in emotion. I proudly invite you to begin listening to this song and sing along.

next up is Michael Jackson’s “You Rock My World” which is a lesser known song from his repertoire as it came out long after his reign as “King of Pop” had subsided and Pop music was dominated by his symbolic children N*sync. Yes, I remember this song being introduced on TRL during the Carson Daly days and flying over the head of the teeny bopper crowd of yesterday. However as Nostalgia is the theme of this playlist, this song has aged wonderfully and now I can’t listen to Michael go off all over this track without smiling and remembering just how special and for granted we took him.

“I am the movie” by Motion City Soundtrack is up there among my favorite albums of all time. So many great tracks but “Indoor Living” has the nostalgic flare to light up number three on my list. The Synth pop masterpiece captures the nostalgic flare and brings back so many memories of headphones and long drives wishing i knew how to dance and play keyboard at the same time.

2018 has been a wild year so far, if you are still checkout this playlist, you have come “Dancing Choose” by TV on the radio. Hailing from the album “Dear Science” which dominated critics list for album of the year and was on heavy rotation during a significant time in my life ten years ago. 2008 was a year I’ll never forget and this song with its intelligent manifesto on the nature of writing coded into the very smart music was a natural choice for this playlist.

Time and writing have been on my mind lately obvious. As I considered writing Nostalgia the poem, and this blog, and this playlist, I realized I needed to include Spoon’s “Stay Don’t Go” an upbeat indie pop band that first turned me onto what would become one of my favorite bands. Spoon is special, Britt Daniel can write a helluva song and Stay don’t go should take you wherever you are looking to go, so stay awhile and keep listening.

Up next is Kings Of Leon before they became a household name, before they sold out arenas and took over the radio, the song is “Knocked up” a beautiful baby making track that just jaunts along forever, the happy mood and well timed indie rock anthem rules. I used to play this song every morning while cooking breakfast and I still to this day will think back to some pretty amazing mornings after parties where this song would play in the background of my life.

Nostalgia the playlist is an experiment in code, hopefully I am doing this right, then these songs will take you on this journey that I feel like I am on. I feel like I am close to seeing a mile marker that is just out of my vision. I wouldn’t fell right about coding anything you didn’t see up front so I thought I’d add Kanye West’s featuring Pusha T “Runwaway” from the album My Dark Twisted Beautiful family, Kanye shares Dragon Energy and is my rival to finish writing my TOE (theory on everything). One day either he or I will crack it. Break the Glass Ceiling and build it back up stronger and more beautiful than I do.

Finally I put the song “asi es la vida” (translated = “that’s how life is” by Reyli Barba on my Summer playlilst. I love Spanish music and have grown up with it. This mix of nineties syle easy going production with beautiful lyrics completely encapsulate my words, “such is life”, C’est la vie.


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