During the lifespan of this blog I have become fascinated with Content Management Systems (CMS). Its recent history and the idea that now a days people are able to upload and manage their own featured content has inspired me to take a step forward in my business development plans and establish a new phase in the history of cognizant Machine. Cognizant Machine Solutions is a think project whereby I will be promoting platform tech based production solutions to people on a commission basis. I plan to offer a competitive rate but reduced on the margin based upon my point in the learning curve and lack of actual experience and instead offer a network of people whom I believe I can take with me with the hopes of turning this new production company into a successful business venture.

What it is?

Cognizant Machine Solutions (CMS) will offer a platform based service that will introduce a one stop show that will streamline all online content onto a easily searchable and precoded home page. No longer will people need to have an instagram page, and a facebook page, and band camp, or a Deviant Art, and a Patreon. CMS will build custom wordpress websites that will partner with vetted web hosting services and include custom search tags from Google to Monsterinsights ensuring that recorded metrics will be published and provided charting the growth and scope of the thought project. The advertising revenue will forwarded to the client ensuring that the growth of the audience will actually directly impact the bottom line revenue of the content creator and all content will reviewed and maintained.


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