Requiem for a Friend

This has been written up for a while I am just finally getting around to posting it. I am going to start getting back on updating Cognizant Machine and adding more featured content. I know I have typed that before but for real.

Anyway this update was a hard one to post. I recently have been kinda a drift over how to deal with a very specific source of grief in regards to the passing of a friend. I wrote the following poem, but I honestly don’t think my words can do justice to the impact Chad O Quinn left on me. Chad was a good dude. We weren’t super close, but every time we met, he would just light up the room. I saw his band Friendly Fire play live in Jacksonville and very much looked forward to hearing the album he was working night and day on. He even sent me a demo which I was given permission to upload to youtube which showcased his undeniable talent.

the poem I wrote as a requiem to Chad follows:

Indisputably the king,
A live-wire, you were,
a Living electricity,
A universal plug that could
Complete any connection,
Charge them with watts,
And amplify the living vibration,
Just under the surface of every spoken thought,

Every time you spoke,
Every finger stroke,
Lightning glowed underneath your eyes,
And you elevated the conversation.

You had a humble humor,
That belied a gravitas, a undeniable weight,
You shouldered the sky and the stars,
And carried yourself with class and grace,
I’ll miss the easy way, you played.
Fun was spelled on your face,
ill never forget, how we danced together
In my dreams, we’ll dance forever.

You pulsated power through your gentle humanity,
You were a heart that beat to a rhythm so beautiful,
Love, pure and simple, was what you embodied.
I’ll never forget you, or your positive charge.
Thank you for sharing your spark,
Thank you for defibrillating my heart,
Thank you for so much more,
Than this poem will ever make up for.

RIP Chad O Quinn

linked to is a cheap video I made to upload Chad’s remarkable drive and energy, when he played he played fast and danced and smiled and owned the stage. Please listen to Chad’s amazing music and share and enjoy his work. His legacy will always live on.


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