Whatchu talkin’ bout Willis?


I propose a resolution, a treatise of words that will hold weight until formally and unilaterally rejected. A testament of nouns and verbs, that will sentence into existence sentient actionable consequences that describe and define guidelines that all will affirm and recognize as True and fair.

I recommend a compromise, a juxtaposition of values culled from all sides that will equilateral moderated leeway from extremes, of which objectively hold no greater weight other than totemically idolizing ideals that disseminate into each other’s respective polar opposite and categorically link into the crevices of desperate people’s group-think.

I suggest a solution, a combination of efforts big and small to reduce our collective and individual troubles and provide comfort to existential dread.

What are you buying? What am I selling?

1. Faith for all. No more monopolization of inner peace and tranquility for those unwilling to compromise moral values or fall into cognitive dissonance. The inherent leap will still be there. Faith as a matter of effort won’t change. But belief should not be predicated on anything flimsy enough to penetrated by logic or association.
2.Truth in time. A countdown based on the statute of limitations to lies that have collectively ingrained themselves into cultures around the globe. A necessary step to mature this planet toward peace. Like the Santa Claus myth, supernatural powers have no place in the modern belief system.
3.Genuine gentiles. without reintroducing fascist chivalry, the understood code of individual respect will quell violence and nurture progress by protecting property and affirming agency providing accountability for transgressions and elevate the caliber of societal communication, expanding the scope and strength of the national mind/vocabulary.


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