too much salt

The hubris of the chef’s overly sensitive palate has once again destroyed a carefully curated would be work of art. What is all at once culinary’s symbiotic grace and the doom of true delicacy is akin to the motions of a disastrous theatrical performance. The unsteady hand of an amateur director has over lit the stage and made it all together impossible to make out the forms and shapes dancing exhaustively rehearsed and choreographed gyrations, movements practiced and perfected all for not, live on opening night. The reasonable intentions and stab at glamour is a failure, All sense and sensibility is lost and all of the moving parts and dynamic costumes alienate and unsettle the casual and general audience underneath the bright white lights. Glitz is cheapened in value to discount schmaltz and language takes on a different dimension on the tip of the tongue. What were once fanciful dressings which wardrobe delicate treasures chests and lock away prizes altogether impossible to imagine are now meaningless clutter, rags draped over useless furniture which hazard foot traffic and trip would be passerby’s who take for granted their footing and stumble over months of hard work and effort. The shiny hot lamps meant to draw the eye to the action, actually expose the sharpness of shadows which balloon up on the backdrop curtain and birth nightmares in both infants and those weak of heart.


the scourge of the ocean and yet the preserver of life after death in the sacrifice of living beings is the greatest threat to the flavor.

Take heed, be wary with Salt.


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