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“Cigarette” a poem

Another break and everything feels like it is slipping away… What do I grasp when there is nothing to hold on too, because nothing gold can stay? I know it’s a lot to ask for, but couldn’t we just leave it all at “Hey”.  Holding on for dear […]


Covers and another movie

I love covers.  I love when a band interprets another band’s work and makes it their own or puts a twist or spin on a already great original.  It doesn’t always work, sometimes it flat out ruins the original.  Today I wanted to review an album I listened […]

Another movie review

Hi all!  So, I am going to continue to try and update more frequently, some stuff has happened in this country since I last updated.  We have a new President elect (I’ll post about that later), and I have changed permanent addresses.  I am no longer a Northern […]

Movie review plus music

Hi all, in 2014 I had the privileged of watching the latest from director John Carney “Begin Again”.  In an effort to shake up the blog I thought I would review how much I liked it.  The movie had everything; stirring music montages, original songs, great vocal power […]