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Out of the darkness

So of course 2017 was a year full of club bangerz that everybody loved and praised all over the internet already, but I thought Cognizant Machine would highlight one of my top five albums of 2017 which may have slipped under your personal radar.  The band is called […]


BREXIT be damned

Before I get to #projectJax and all the updates that will follow reviewing local music I have heard in and around Florida.  I want to review some good albums I listened to in 2017 that I think everyone should listen to. If anyone has been following this blog […]

Requiem for the voice of a generation

I write with a heavy heart that Chester Bennington of Linkin Park was found hung today July 20th, 2017 apparently a victim of his own battle with his demons.  Chester wasn’t the best singer in the world.  He had a powerful voice and knew how to scream and […]

Incredibly loud two piece

It is easy to say that the Japandroids, Canada’s breakout monster ballad two piece are one of the best touring rock acts out there right now.  Following their monster breakout album “Celebration Rock”, which had some of the catchiest singles of the past few years and a kick […]

A way with words

New York natives MisterWives are relatively new.  They debuted a surprise hit ep called Reflections that won over a lot of fans and introduced the world to Mandy Lee’s amazing voice.  The band is comprised of incredible pop rock musicians that understand their instruments completely.  In their debut […]

Retro Rock – a series part three

So coming up next on my “The band” wave I’ll be reviewing The Kooks.  A funny thing about the Kooks is that unlike some other bands on this list, they are actually British, the other bands during this post punk revival would probably all wish to claim to […]

Retro Rock – a series part two

So up next on our retro rock wave we have The Strokes.  15 years ago, they released their seminal album “Is this it” and the world was introduced to Julian Casablancas and his mysterious voice.  Hidden behind a vocal effect that disrupts his output and gives this band […]

Retro Rock – a series part one

So around the early 2000s a trend started to emerge where bands monikered with the definite article “the”, plus some retro groovy name, would break into the mainstream and sound similar but charm irregardless of the fact that, it has all been done before.  I was completely on […]


So today I thought I’d write about OZMA’s breakthrough album “Rock and Roll Part three” once written about as the best Weezer album of 2001.  OZMA suprisingly has no direct connection to Weezer the more famous popular geek rock act who has puttered out a heavy string of […]

New Consciousness Thought Explosion

Pretty much everyone has a favorite Radiohead album.  Even if you don’t really like music, chances are you still at least like some form of Radiohead over the years.  The band has worked so hard to be listenable, almost anyone can derive some form of pleasure from some […]