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Site Gag, Sight Gag

  New Layout, New Updates, New Music.  Coming real soon. I am going all in for Second Base.  Like Pete Rose. Advertisements


A new year

Greetings, I want to apologize for not posting in such a long time, I have been dealing with a major case of writers block and even though I have a back log of music I have reviewed and want to post, I have become discouraged from updating this […]

Navigating the Machine.

I was complimented on my writing tonight, it felt good.  I thought as a treat, I would re-post the first two blog entries I ever wrote.   copied from an old Blog. So, I like to type sometimes. Most times about nothing… and I thought of this name […]

Dragon Slayer

For the past year the United States has been terrorized by a figurative dragon.  The commander in chief has become a monster that has pillaged the country side burning down enemies in twitter fire and hording over his power in the base of his mountain of real estate […]

“Cigarette” a poem

Another break and everything feels like it is slipping away… What do I grasp when there is nothing to hold on too, because nothing gold can stay? I know it’s a lot to ask for, but couldn’t we just leave it all at “Hey”.  Holding on for dear […]

Twitter and Trey Songz

Good R & B is essential.  The earnest cool drips over the cheesiness of the lyrical content and reacts to a primal urge lighting passion that can, when executed correctly, set the soul on fire.  Good R & B is probably worthy of a long post detailing soul […]

A New Home to Come Back to

Back in the saddle.  So I struggled with which album to review next.  It shouldn’t be so hard, all of the album’s I have so far reviewed have been favorites that have meant something personal to me.  Still since I last updated I have recieved 7 new followers […]


I’ve decided on doing a big Donald Trump dump.  This is going to require some serious focus, as I want to explain just why I think this particular blowhard is worse for the United States than all the other harmless blowhards who have shook and stammered the fabric […]