Requiem for the voice of a generation

I write with a heavy heart that Chester Bennington of Linkin Park was found hung today July 20th, 2017 apparently a victim of his own battle with his demons.  Chester wasn’t the best singer in the world.  He had a powerful voice and knew how to scream and […]


Incredibly loud two piece

It is easy to say that the Japandroids, Canada’s breakout monster ballad two piece are one of the best touring rock acts out there right now.  Following their monster breakout album “Celebration Rock”, which had some of the catchiest singles of the past few years and a kick […]

“Cigarette” a poem

Another break and everything feels like it is slipping away… What do I grasp when there is nothing to hold on too, because nothing gold can stay? I know it’s a lot to ask for, but couldn’t we just leave it all at “Hey”.  Holding on for dear […]

Obsessed over the Obsessives.

It feels like more than just dumb luck, it feels like fate.  I found myself by chance attracted to see The Obsessives play live in my new homebase of Jacksonville Florida at 1904 music hall opening for Sorority Noise.  Originally hailing from around my hometown of Washington DC […]

Describing a dream in music

Recently Virginia Beach’s Turnover has been making my life better.  With a fresh sound and some engaging lyrics, Turnover has opened up the world of Run for cover records and introduced me to some of the best new pop punk/alternative rock in recent years.  With easy going ear […]

A way with words

New York natives MisterWives are relatively new.  They debuted a surprise hit ep called Reflections that won over a lot of fans and introduced the world to Mandy Lee’s amazing voice.  The band is comprised of incredible pop rock musicians that understand their instruments completely.  In their debut […]

Twitter and Trey Songz

Good R & B is essential.  The earnest cool drips over the cheesiness of the lyrical content and reacts to a primal urge lighting passion that can, when executed correctly, set the soul on fire.  Good R & B is probably worthy of a long post detailing soul […]

a cool website to check out

So I follow other blogs and generally spend a lot of time online, today Cognizant Machine highlights a great resources for new music and quality reviews.  Check out  The cool title and comprehensive nature of the blog generally speak to how I would like my own music […]

Some good tunes

So following up on my last post I thought I would post some cuts from Raine Maida’s solo album Hunter’s Lullaby.  The lead singer of Our Lady Peace made a solo record in 2007.  The standout track in this album is linked below.  Sex Love and Honey is […]


Turning point.  Cognizant Machine is going to go through a bit of a redesign, I, like most people, spend a lot of time online.  I want to start doing that more productively.  I want to spend more time on this blog. So I plan on updating this more […]