Turning point.  Cognizant Machine is going to go through a bit of a redesign, I, like most people, spend a lot of time online.  I want to start doing that more productively.  I want to spend more time on this blog. So I plan on updating this more […]


Don’t miss this one

Today I thought I’d review Modern Baseball’s “Your Gonna miss it all” .  I have been listening to this album a lot lately and I think that is mostly based on the strength of the song writing.  Branden Lukas has a sing speak style of vocal which I […]

Covers and another movie

I love covers.  I love when a band interprets another band’s work and makes it their own or puts a twist or spin on a already great original.  It doesn’t always work, sometimes it flat out ruins the original.  Today I wanted to review an album I listened […]

A New Home to Come Back to

Back in the saddle.  So I struggled with which album to review next.  It shouldn’t be so hard, all of the album’s I have so far reviewed have been favorites that have meant something personal to me.  Still since I last updated I have recieved 7 new followers […]

One of the best

Today I’d like to write about one of my favorite albums of all time, by one of my favorite bands.  Third Eye Blind’s debut album, “Third Eye Blind”.  This album did chart and had a massive number of catchy singles which gathered national attention and brought fame and […]

Another movie review

Hi all!  So, I am going to continue to try and update more frequently, some stuff has happened in this country since I last updated.  We have a new President elect (I’ll post about that later), and I have changed permanent addresses.  I am no longer a Northern […]

Back to business

I want to begin this update by thanking my friend Scott for updating last with a guest post on The Avalanches.  I liked it so much I had trouble figuring out how to top it.  It was so professional and (I think) well written.  Ultimately I thought I’d […]

Wildflower by the Avalanches

A review of the long-awaited sophomore album By Scott Ison    @beatset   The fact that you are about to read this review is amazing. This is not because of my impressive writing ability (it doesn’t exist), but because the Avalanches are back, baby! Fans of the Australian electronic […]

Retro Rock – a series part three

So coming up next on my “The band” wave I’ll be reviewing The Kooks.  A funny thing about the Kooks is that unlike some other bands on this list, they are actually British, the other bands during this post punk revival would probably all wish to claim to […]

Retro Rock – a series part two

So up next on our retro rock wave we have The Strokes.  15 years ago, they released their seminal album “Is this it” and the world was introduced to Julian Casablancas and his mysterious voice.  Hidden behind a vocal effect that disrupts his output and gives this band […]