Twitter and Trey Songz

Good R & B is essential.  The earnest cool drips over the cheesiness of the lyrical content and reacts to a primal urge lighting passion that can, when executed correctly, set the soul on fire.  Good R & B is probably worthy of a long post detailing soul […]


a cool website to check out

So I follow other blogs and generally spend a lot of time online, today Cognizant Machine highlights a great resources for new music and quality reviews.  Check out  The cool title and comprehensive nature of the blog generally speak to how I would like my own music […]

Some good tunes

So following up on my last post I thought I would post some cuts from Raine Maida’s solo album Hunter’s Lullaby.  The lead singer of Our Lady Peace made a solo record in 2007.  The standout track in this album is linked below.  Sex Love and Honey is […]


Turning point.  Cognizant Machine is going to go through a bit of a redesign, I, like most people, spend a lot of time online.  I want to start doing that more productively.  I want to spend more time on this blog. So I plan on updating this more […]

One of the best

Today I’d like to write about one of my favorite albums of all time, by one of my favorite bands.  Third Eye Blind’s debut album, “Third Eye Blind”.  This album did chart and had a massive number of catchy singles which gathered national attention and brought fame and […]

Another movie review

Hi all!  So, I am going to continue to try and update more frequently, some stuff has happened in this country since I last updated.  We have a new President elect (I’ll post about that later), and I have changed permanent addresses.  I am no longer a Northern […]

Back to business

I want to begin this update by thanking my friend Scott for updating last with a guest post on The Avalanches.  I liked it so much I had trouble figuring out how to top it.  It was so professional and (I think) well written.  Ultimately I thought I’d […]