A shot of punk

So the following is a recent discovery and that is something I will try and pump out more of.  Pop punk band Osker gets punk music down right.  The general frustration found in punk music is present and accounted for here in “Idle Will Kill”.  I love that […]


Playing catch up

Hi all, so you might have noticed I have favored to review albums from a little ways back more recently.  Well that trend will continue no doubt.  However, today I thought I’d post about an album from 2015 that tries to look and sound like an album from […]

My Favorite weapon

Pretty much everyone my age has an opinion on what album is the best by pop punk indie favorite Brand New.  I maintain that their seminal original release “Your Favorite Weapon” impresses the most.  This band upon their first release shows so much promise and demonstrates such grown up […]

Love Ire and Song

Frank Turner is Peter Pan.  He is the boy who never grew up, and he is amazing.  Possibly the first Millennial to write and capture the spirit of stay young forever before Ke$ha made it shameful.  Probably everyone has felt at one point or another, that being young […]

My favorite 2015 album

So I am sure I have already apologized for having a sweet tooth.  I like sugary pop and anything with a sweet innocent sensibility usually stands a better chance of grabbing my attention vs some of the darker more metallic sounds I also enjoy. So  my turn around […]

At the Drive-in.

I think the best news to come out of last week is that the band At The Drive-in is reuniting for a tour in 2016.  If you have never heard of them… At the drive-in is a progressive post hardcore emo band that made some rad noise.  Formed in […]

Back to the music

So you are probably reading this thing and wondering where is the music… well I want to talk to you about Washington D.C’s own Ted Leo and the Pharmacists.  one of the greatest revelations of the early 2000s this pop rock band is an amazing story of warm […]