Retro Rock – a series part one

So around the early 2000s a trend started to emerge where bands monikered with the definite article “the”, plus some retro groovy name, would break into the mainstream and sound similar but charm irregardless of the fact that, it has all been done before.  I was completely on […]



So today I thought I’d write about OZMA’s breakthrough album “Rock and Roll Part three” once written about as the best Weezer album of 2001.  OZMA suprisingly has no direct connection to Weezer the more famous popular geek rock act who has puttered out a heavy string of […]

Local spotlight

So Cognizant Machine had the privilege of attending an amazing concert in the woods down in Bonfire land Melvin County, Virginia.  There, during a three day outdoors event that included a spring snow fall, hula hoop girls, and the biggest bonfire I have ever attended, one act stood out […]

the DC sound

Today I want to talk about the Dismemberment Plan’s seminal 1999 album the “Emergency and I”.  A musical breakthrough, this Washington DC native band repped colors with this flagship album catapulting them into the indie hall of fame and pleasing listeners around the world.  Heavily syncopated beats matched […]


I’ve decided on doing a big Donald Trump dump.  This is going to require some serious focus, as I want to explain just why I think this particular blowhard is worse for the United States than all the other harmless blowhards who have shook and stammered the fabric […]

Movie review plus music

Hi all, in 2014 I had the privileged of watching the latest from director John Carney “Begin Again”.  In an effort to shake up the blog I thought I would review how much I liked it.  The movie had everything; stirring music montages, original songs, great vocal power […]

Richmond Punk

so before I get started with my album review, I went ahead and deleted some of my older entries in the hopes of streamlining this blog.  I want people to be able to pick up and read the blog from the begining and some of those early entries […]

Ten years fly by

It has officially been ten years since the indie world fell in love with music prodigy Sufjan Steven’s amazing album “Illinoise”.  Pronounced Suf-yan, this brilliant artist is more than just a talented vocalist.  The album is a bombastic and underrated slightly over wrought but all together piece of pop […]