Movie review plus music

Hi all, in 2014 I had the privileged of watching the latest from director John Carney “Begin Again”.  In an effort to shake up the blog I thought I would review how much I liked it.  The movie had everything; stirring music montages, original songs, great vocal power […]


Richmond Punk

so before I get started with my album review, I went ahead and deleted some of my older entries in the hopes of streamlining this blog.  I want people to be able to pick up and read the blog from the begining and some of those early entries […]

Ten years fly by

It has officially been ten years since the indie world fell in love with music prodigy Sufjan Steven’s amazing album “Illinoise”.  Pronounced Suf-yan, this brilliant artist is more than just a talented vocalist.  The album is a bombastic and underrated slightly over wrought but all together piece of pop […]

A shot of punk

So the following is a recent discovery and that is something I will try and pump out more of.  Pop punk band Osker gets punk music down right.  The general frustration found in punk music is present and accounted for here in “Idle Will Kill”.  I love that […]

Playing catch up

Hi all, so you might have noticed I have favored to review albums from a little ways back more recently.  Well that trend will continue no doubt.  However, today I thought I’d post about an album from 2015 that tries to look and sound like an album from […]

My Favorite weapon

Pretty much everyone my age has an opinion on what album is the best by pop punk indie favorite Brand New.  I maintain that their seminal original release “Your Favorite Weapon” impresses the most.  This band upon their first release shows so much promise and demonstrates such grown up […]

Love Ire and Song

If you don’t know who Frank Turner is, he is Neverland’s Peter Pan.  The boy who will never grow up, and flies and fights pirates, he is magical and amazing. Probably everyone has felt at one point or another, that being young forever and fighting back against the […]