What is #thestruggle©, basically figuring things out… I do believe everybody goes through growing pains and faces difficulty grasping or understanding the complicated nature of well… Everything. Long before J.D. Salinger wrote about teenage existential angst, in everything from literature to music, people have grappled with big philosophical questions. Who am I? What am I doing here? How? #thestruggle©

I know that Cognizant Machine is a braggadocious idea, it posits several things many people reject outright. For example, the notion that there exists a design to everything is controversial. As technology and science develop a growing movement seems to reject the idea of a “designer”, relegating the belief to a “leap of faith” they are not ready to take. I am careful to avoid any actual “religious” terms in this music blog, but I’d like to comment on this. As technology and science develop more and more IS possible, more and more can be designed. #thestruggle©

Cognizant Machine may not be humble, but it is my corner of cyberspace. What is cyberspace? the root word Cyber comes from the word Cybernetics which comes from the greek, kubernētikós for the governing sailor that controls the rudder navigating with the environment (putting up the sail/wind). #thestruggle©

Today, the root Cyber is applied to buzz terms to create or explain new phenomena that are usually tangentially related to the internet (examples include Cyber Bullying, Cyber Security, Cyber Stalking), the internet (no longer tubes and cables) now exists in a space between computers a virtual non-place called the cloud. Artists are growing up today connected to the cloud wirelessly via radio signals, coexisting with this cyberspace, governing the rudder of tomorrow in response to the wind, putting up the sail, navigating the boat into the future. #thestruggle©

Cognizant Machine exists as a spec in cyberspace, a tiny cog in a piece of technology so impossibly complicated that it can’t even be described as moving or in one fixed location. Yet this technology as complicated as it is was designed. Another example, A hammer is a tool, it was designed to bludgeon things, to apply massive kinetic force. Some people use a hammer to bludgeon nails into wood, connecting two separate pieces into what will ultimately be furniture. This technology serves others purposes, a hammer can be used to bludgeon somebody as a weapon, inflicting enormous damage. or it can be turned over and used as a lever. The hammer was a marvel of technology for thousands of years, but now it is considered very low tech. #thestruggle©

Another problem Cognizant Machine faces from people who do agree in a design are my belief that it can be comprehended. For many the designer is supernaturally intelligent, the term they use is Omniscient. I do not believe I am omniscient. I just see patterns and links.  I see through the eyes of artists and feel their pain, through their pathos, I experience what their struggle inevitably produces. Any and every production is a result of #thestruggle©

I believe every recorded action reveals something about how it came to life. I may not understand the immense scope of the machine, the technology of it all, how it works, what it means. I am cognizant of #thestruggle©